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We offer organic spray tans for every skin tone! From a light wash of color to making it look like you’ve just returned from a two month stay in Bora Bora, we’ve got you covered!

The formulas we use are organic, paraben & fragrance free, non-sticky, and quick drying!

Our spray tans last 7-10 days!



Organic airbrush tan. Develops in 5-7 hours. Quick-drying.



Organic airbrush tan. Prep spray. Develops in 2-4 hours. Shower within 3-5 hour period. Quick-drying.


Prep Spray – additional $5

Balances pH level of skin & removes residue of any oil



  • Please remove unwanted hair in any areas at least 24 prior to your spray tan. (shaving/waxing)
  • Exfoliate prior to your appointment focusing on drier areas such as the lower half of legs, knees, elbows, and wrists. This will remove dead skin and provide a new, smooth surface for your tan. Exfoliating helps to promote even coverage and lengthens the duration of the tan.
  • Avoid bar soaps/high ph shower products & in-shower moisturizers before your spray tan.
  • Before your spray tan, avoid applying lotions, moisturizers, deodorant, perfumes, body sprays, and makeup for premium results.



  • Review and sign the release form (available at the studio when you sign in).
  • Remove make-up, moisturizer, perfume and deodorant before your spray tan.
  • It is recommended that you wear dark, loose fitting clothing. Solution washes out of most clothing very easily but tends to stain nylon and lycra materials.
  • You may wear as much or as little clothing during your spray tan session as you wish. The cosmetic bronzers will wash out of clothing, but dark under garments are suggested.
  • Appointments take approximately 20 minutes.



  • Spray tans will develop up to 24 hours so avoid showering for as long as possible.
  • Try to avoid washing your hands until you shower.
  • Avoid wearing tight clothing, sweating and hot environments for 24 hours after spray tan session.
  • Rinse with warm water after your spray tan has developed.
  • Avoid using soap as well as shaving until after 24 hours.
  • Pat dry after showering. Avoid the use of loofahs, shower puffs, or abrasive wash rags for longer lasting results. These increase the skin exfoliation.
  • Keep your skin well moisturized (with fragrance free moisturizer) for premium results.

“Hey tiff, I just wanted to tell you how AMAZING the spray tan you gave me was!! I’ll definitely be coming back for more!! it’s day 7 and it’s still going so strong!!! Thank you so much! It’s so smooth and it made my skin so so soft!!! I loved it!!!”

“Hey girl! Okay so my spray tan still looks so natural and I feel so glowy  you’re so sweet for doing it. i love it (and you) SO MUCH!”

“Thank you so much for the gorgeous tan!! My tan is so smooth and even. I don’t know how you did it, but you even covered up all the tiny white spots from being in the sun all my life.”

“This is the most beautiful spray tan I’ve ever had!! You are the BEST!”